About Us

The appreciation of art, the operation of a business, and the use of marketing can be described as being mutually exclusive. Yet, it is the marriage of all three that make getting new clients successful. Not one of these elements is more important than any other but if any are weak, success will be compromised. It is this unique ability to use these elements in harmony that has made Graphic Studio the success it has become.

Graphic Studio formally began business in 1992 after many years working in the marketing and manufacturing industries for various small and national corporations.

By the mid-90s, it became apparent that the Internet was fast becoming the new medium for advertisers across all markets. We decided to began the quest into this new medium by registering a domain name, hastily put together a website, and joined what is now the most powerful marketing medium in the world – the Internet.

Because of websites like Amazon.com, the proof was hard to deny, e-commerce was (is) going to be the next chapter in this new business model.

It’s also important to note that people go to the Internet to search for all kinds of information – companies, prices, services, availability, locations, etc. – and those companies who keep their websites up-to-date, attractive, and user-friendly stand a far better chance of finding new customers.

Just having a website is not enough; having the ability to get found amidst your competition is paramount. Enter SEO (Search Engine Optimization). It is no longer enough to have a nice-looking website. An effective website has...

  • Content, Content, Content! (equivalent to a physical store’s location, location, location!)
  • User-Friendly (the ergonomics of intuitively knowing how the website works)
  • Aesthetically-pleasing

Over 80% of all Internet searches are “organic,” meaning not through “sponsored” or pay-per-click (PPC) links. This is the essence of today’s sought-after ranking. Not every web designer has the understanding of art, the knowledge of how a business operates, or the ability to incorporate marketing into a website, much less about organic search engine ranking. Your cousin’s friend may do websites inexpensively in her basement at night, but be advised it may be attractive (or not) but will undoubtedly not have all essential elements to succeed, not to mention the ever-growing importance of SEO!

You must have an effective, professional website and you should have a professional design it. Graphic Studio is that company. Our clients enjoy first-page ranking in Google for their respective keyword phrases – and we can prove it!

We are categorized under the following codes and descriptions...

SIC Code and Description
7311, Advertising Agencies
7319 Advertising, Not Elsewhere Classified
7331 Direct Mail Advertising Services
7336, Commercial Art and Graphic Design

NAICS Code and Description
541430, Graphic Design Services
541511, Custom Computer Programming Services
541810, Advertising Agencies
541850, Display Advertising
541860, Direct Mail Advertising
541870, Advertising Material Distribution Services
541890, Other Services Related to Advertising
711510, Independent Artists, Writers, and Performers