“We have been working with Graphic Studio since February 2011 and feel we can make an honest and accurate assessment of Dan's work.

He has done an excellent job in combining our product line (which is manufactured by several different companies) into a cohesive website. Out products are of a technical nature and it did not take Dan long to grasp our diverse offering. His detailed approach to the design of our new website went quickly (for the amount of work required). His planning and communication (with us) made the seamless transition from our old site to the new site without any downtime.

It is very rewarding to have visitors say that they maneuvered throughout the website and downloaded the information they were looking for without our help. It is impossible to put a price on the amount of time we have saved with our newly designed website.

Since the completion of our website, he has added new products and redesigned some of our literature just as easily as the original job. A useful concept Dan introduced us to was an improvement to our email marketing program. We fought his marketing ideas every inch of the way but in the end yielded and gave it a try. To our surprise, this valuable improved communication tool was well received and has now become a key to our email marketing. We rarely send bulk emails without Dan's useful and incisive comments. Dan is never too busy to assist us in whatever the project and no job is too small for his attention.”

Peter Johnson
ISTEC Corporation
Sparta, NJ 

“We really love the work you've been doing on our website; it's been wildly successful! In the last 12 months, we've had over 12,000 unique visitors! Our Mulch & More page has generated the most visits, due to the ease of calculating the amount of material needed and our Nursery Stock, Property Maintenance and Hardscape pages being the most popular, no doubt because of our standing in Google's first page for a number of keywords. Your work is just incredible! In the last month alone – especially since we primarily have a "seasonal" business – the site has generated 82.44% new visits – 427 unique visitors!! Simply amazing! My/our overall satisfaction with what you’ve been able to do for our business is priceless. Thanks a million!”

Donna Accosta, Office Manager
Scott's Landscaping & Nursery
New Milford, CT

“Graphic Studio has provided our company with a world class website that is easy to navigate and provides our client base an instant look at our company and capabilities. Our multi-page and multi-function site was created at a reasonable cost and Dan gave us all kinds of ideas when we were putting it together. I would strongly recommend Graphic Studio to anyone looking to build and maintain a cost-effective website.”

Mike Kealey, Vice President
M-Tron Components, Inc.
Ronkonkoma, NY

“I was very reluctant to do the work involved in having any website at all. Dan made it easy, and tailored his suggestions to my practice and my personality. The result is something of which I am truly proud and is very personal and unique!”

Dr. Howard Barsky
Howard J. Barsky, DMD
Carversville, PA

“THE SITE LOOKS FANTASTIC! You have exceeded even my wildest dreams. I take a lot of pride in what I have built here and I am always very critical of how I try to portray the business. You have captured the very essence of what I have been working so hard for over these many years. I don't know how I will ever be able to show you my true appreciation. Money is one thing, but it sometimes is not enough. I will sing high praises of your work to all my business associates and friends. I can guarantee, that I will send you all the business that I can.”

Jim Coffey
Coffey Clean Care
New Milford, CT

“Graphic Studio has helped us generate a website consistent in scope, and in technology, befitting the hi-tech market in which we compete. Their competence, patience and willingness to cooperate with us, has enabled us to develop a unique and state-of-the-art website which is generating increased revenue and ease-of-use for our clients and distribution network. We look forward to an ongoing mutually beneficial relationship.”

Paul Ruo, National Sales Manager
Aries Electronics, Inc.
Bristol, PA